Our Story

We're two old friends who share a love of design and a passion for community. We started MadeXLocal to create an online platform for connecting with local businesses.

We love getting to know the stories behind products and the people behind companies - whether we're traveling or we're here in our home city of New York.  The products we purchase from local businesses have more meaning, and we feel like we can really see and feel the environmental and community impacts they create.

But when it comes time to purchase something we really need (or want) in our day-to-day lives, we often go straight to online big box shops - and why wouldn’t we? It's so much more convenient and accessible.  And with our busy lives, we don’t always have the time to travel to our local markets to pick out that perfect, meaningful product.

MadeXLocal creates a convenient online marketplace that tells the story behind local businesses and products.  It helps local businesses - many of whom don’t have brick and mortar locations - to connect with consumers who are looking for local products.

Photo by  Scott Webb  on  Unsplash

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


Why Local?


Community: You can support local businesses and hear their stories by connecting through a virtual market atmosphere—get to know the meaning and the people behind their products.

Environment: Locally-sourced materials, products, and processes can have a reduced environmental footprint by limiting the effort and resources expended in bringing them to market.

Transparency: We can really see and feel the impacts of companies and their products/processes when they are located in our own backyards instead of halfway around the world.

Photo by  Matthew Henry  on  Unsplash

‘X’ Marks the Spot

Since we started MadeXLocal, we've found out that 'local' means a lot of different things to different people.  We celebrate businesses that make products as close to home as possible - at a minimum, products should be made in the USA or Canada.  And most importantly, the people behind the brands we celebrate, must know the stories behind their products: Who made them? How and what did they make them with? And what makes them special?

We always love to hear what ‘local’ means to the brands and consumers we connect, and why it matters to them. We want people to own the ‘X’ in MadeXLocal. In math, ‘X’ means ‘times’ or ‘by’ — we celebrate products that are Made ‘by’ Local businesses and craftspeople, but we also think of the ‘X’ in our name as a brand or a spot for people to mark their favorite local businesses!


Erika Lavelle



We are both expat Canadians who live in New York City.  We met over 15 years ago, and have maintained a close friendship ever since.  We both appreciate beauty and design, and share a desire to live with purpose, compassion, curiosity, and perhaps above all, efficiency and organization!  Erika's creativity and Jolene's planning skills connect perfectly to form MadeXLocal.